Annual Giving

General Operating

The Center is a welcoming and safe space providing the community with resources, support, connections, and programming. Unrestricted funds help us to cover the costs associated with the day to day operations of The Center. These costs will increase significantly when we’re in a new and larger space. — We often rely on grants and restricted gifts to support program and staffing costs but we aim to reduce our dependence on these sources to retain those positions and programs. Gifts to the annual fund help us build the capacity to do so.



Kimberly Mitchell has proven to be a warrior for the LGBTQ+ community.  To honor her courage the Onlslow County LGBTQ+ Community Center is pleased to announce this category of giving.  All donations will go directly to Pride events and the development of an annual Pride Parade.

Youth Endowment


The Endowment helps support the work we do with youth. The LGBTQ youth that come to the Center are some of the most vulnerable and this endowment allows us to enhance our programs and help them feel safe and supported.

In Memorial


Through the Legacy Circle, you can designate money or assets to be transferred to the Onslow County LGBTQ+ Community Center after your lifetime.

A bequest must be carefully drafted to ensure that it does what you want it to do. You are encouraged to review all suggested language with your attorney, to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Center Donor's 

$100 or Less

Biancuzzo/Hornbeck family

Sonya Dillard                  Elle Mo

Chris Schulte                Takenya LaBriado

Delores LeGrand         Anne Hardinger

Hannah Jo McNamara

Lillith Campos              Marcy Wofford

Melvin Euring            Christina Joy Fulton

Emily Cerrito             Crystle Mercer

Marie Pickering         Grant Cornish

Ames Simmons         Gretchen Klein

Francisco Vaca         Summer Medina

Emily Wilson

Youth Endowment Donors

$101 or more

Biancuzzo/Hornbeck family

Joe and Steve Coffey-Persondek

Gwane Family, In Honor of Caitie Smith Gawne

Rory Linehan

In Memorial Donors

Alix Adrian in memory of Jenna Franks

Attila Nemecz in memory of Jenna Franks

Corporate Giving

Power On - Tech Grant

Onslow County LGBTQ+

Community Center

P.O. Box 755 Jacksonville, NC 28540