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Voices of Recovery

Making a Difference

Mission: to promote the rights of, and ensure opportunities for, those suffering from the disease of addiction, members of the recovery community, and their family members.

Core Values:

• Commitment to recovery and sobriety

• Sustainability of a substance- and crime-free lifestyle

• Accountability for our actions and mental health

• Courage to do what is right

• Willingness to be of service to others

• Positive regard for others, especially the vulnerable

• Diversity and inclusion in all that we do

In addition to our core values, we are also seeking to also:

• Develop leaders, offering opportunities for people in recovery, family members, friends and allies to express their collective voice, learn new skills and responsibilities, and provide a forum for community service.;

• Advocating for meaningful representation and voice for people in long-term addiction recovery and family members on issues that affect their lives;

• Assessing needs related to the adequacy and quality of local treatment’ recovery support services, and other health and social services;

• Assessing strengths, assets, and resources available in the community to support recovery;

• Educating the public, policy makers, and service providers about the prevalence and multiple pathways of addiction recovery;

• Developing human and fiscal resources by expanding philanthropic and public support for addiction treatment, recovery support services, and recovery advocacy and cultivating volunteerism within local communities of recovery; and

• Supporting research that illuminates effective strategies and the processes of long-term recovery and establishes an evidence base for peer and community supports.

Voices of Recovery: Service
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