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Most trainings are accredited and provide CEU Credits.

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1 $20 $20

10 $16 ($15 each after 10) $160

20 $14 ($12 each after 20) $280

40 $ 8.75 ($8 each after 40) $350

75 $6.65 ($6 each after 75) $500

100 $6.00 ($5 each after 100) $600

2.5 hour training - 2 CEU           

SAFE ZONE - Our basic training (also called Safe Zone training), this program provides an introduction to LGBTQ issues and resources. Topics discussed include the wide spectrum of LGBTQ identities, the importance of using preferred pronouns, and the particular policies and resources available here at the center. The program will also touch on intersectionality, implicit bias, racial justice, LGBTQ culture and history, legal and legislative issues, but for a more in-depth workshop on these topics, we suggest you consider one of our more specialized programs, listed below.

1.5 hours training - 1 CEU               

TRANSGENDER ISSUES - This program explores the particular issues faced by our transgender and nonbinary  community. We look at gender-neutral services available and the importance of pronoun awareness. We offer strategies to become allies of this community. A deeper understanding of thinking beyond the gender binary is the goal.

1 hour training

DEVELOPING INCLUSIVE POLICIES - Unifying science, education and services to transform lives. Introductory training for Admins on developing sound, inclusive policy and procedures.

1.5 hour training - 1 CEU                   

WORKING WITH LGBTQ FOSTER CARE ISSUES - Unifying science, education and services to transform lives. Introductory training for for working with LGBTQ+ youth in the foster care system.

2.0 hour training - 1 CEU                 

WORKING WITH LGBTQ YOUTH AND FAMILIES - What are the issues for LGBT young people, in particular with regard to parents? How can we begin to work together to develop programs that meets the needs of LGBT young people and their families?

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Most of our trainings will last up to 3 hours which will include time for question and answer periods with our trainers.

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