Equity for All Film Festival

The Equity for All Film Festival aims to recruit a new generation of film and video innovators to champion  issues faced by marginalized communities, launching its 1st edition, the festival is opening an invitation to independent film-makers, production companies, communities, students, and film schools from around North Carolina to submit their original short films about diversity, inclusion and equity.

Films are a powerful way to raise awareness, improve understanding and encourage action so that this festival aims to contribute to health promotion and education about health.

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Eligibility criteria and festival rules:

  • Only short films completed between 16 January 2022 until 16 May 2022 are eligible for the Film Festival.

  • Any production made by professional owned film staff members or exclusively done with professional film production funding is not eligible.

  • A submission can be in any language; if the film is not in English, English subtitles must be included.

Please read the complete application rules if you’d like to know more about our terms and conditions. Any candidate whose film may be selected will be required to return these rules to WHO with their signature for their endorsement. This will be a condition for confirming the selection of their film.  Your signed application and rules document should be submitted to info@onslowcountylgbtq.com 

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The call opens from 16 January 2022 until 16 May 2022.

When submitting a short film, the copyright owner of the film has to choose one category of competition among the three described below:

  1. Diversity – Diversity is the state of being varied or different from one another. This focuses on the differences between people. Demonstrate how diversity helps to change the social outcomes with a segment of the population in North Carolina;

  2. Inclusion - Inclusion is about acknowledging diversity, by creating an environment where everyone feels safe.  Demonstrate how inclusion has helped to change the social outcomes with a segment of population in North Carolina;

  3. Equity – Equity means fairness for all. It refers to a practice needed to overcome historical barriers faced by a certain group to be treated equally.  Demonstrate how Equity has helped to change the social outcomes with a segment of population in North Carolina. 

For each of these three categories, candidates can submit short documentaries, fiction films or animation films of ten to twenty minutes in length.