In North Carolina, sexual and gender minorities are more than twice as likely to not receive needed medical care or surgery, compared to the general population


Current disparities and disproportionalities data on LGBTQ+ communities highlight the importance of more tailored and culturally responsive physical and mental health services throughout the lifespan. LGBT individuals experience poorer health outcomes than their heterosexual peers.  These outcomes are due in part to differential access to health insurance coverage; limited availability of health care services that are culturally competent and compassionate; and the impact of stigma, harassment and systemic discrimination.  Individuals belonging to multiple minority groups, such as a Latino gay man or an African-American transwoman, experience exponentially worse health care and health outcomes compared to their white, heterosexual neighbors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized these disparities, and acknowledged LGBT communities as medically underserved populations in Healthy People 2020.

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Fewer than 10 percent of public health programs offer courses covering LGBT health topics beyond HIV/AIDS

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Health Factors Health factors are the conditions in an individual’s life that foster or discourage good health outcomes. We must explore health factors and health outcomes. Factors essential to good health include:

• access to health insurance and the care included in coverage;

• quality and regularity of a person’s clinical care;

• cultural competency in health care services;

• access to preventive care;

• the social and economic environment in which an individual lives, works, and plays; and

• an individual’s health behaviors.

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