Who We Are


The House That Love Built provides services to, young adults and families in Onslow County through our various programs. Programs focus on housing, education, counseling, and advocacy. and  is committed to working with the community to ensure that every LGBTQ+ member has access to the range of services needed to grow to be healthy and self-sufficient adults. 

Guiding Principles

As the agency works to help folks build their skills and resiliency, The House That Love Built has defined fundamental principles that guide its work. At the core of all programs are eight guiding principles:


No Fail
Everyone can be successful. We keep trying.


Least Restrictive Environment
We help people solve problems at the family and the community level; public institutions are the last resort.


We provide services that meet the cultural and linguistic needs of our whole community. We value our unique ethnic diversity as well as the LGBTQ community and non-able body community. Our clients, staff, and volunteers reflect our community.


We look for the positive in each person and build on those assets. 

Youth Development and Leadership
We support youth. We help build leadership skills by involving everyone in programs and planning for their future, 

We work on improving systems that do not meet the needs of our community and families.

We work with others to provide a continuum of services; we focus on all the needs of the individual, including health, housing and well-being.

Families Matter
We help keep families together and build reconnections to families. We recognize that “families” come in all shapes and sizes.

Housing Services

Host Homes

The Jenna Franks

Interim Housing Project

Onslow County LGBTQ+

Community Center

P.O. Box 755 Jacksonville, NC 28540