The Center’s Buddy 2 Buddy Program

We have been taking the temperature on the need for connection in our community; as a result, we are launching our Buddy 2 Buddy (B2B) program. The purpose of the program is to provide companionship and emotional support for LGBTQ people in need of connection in these uncertain times in which we live. 


B2B volunteers are trained to provide support through telephone visits with their Buddies. B2B volunteers and Buddies are matched using criteria such as interests, location etc. Please be sure to read the Guidelines.

Buddy2Buddy Guidelines 


If you are interested in being a Buddy or receiving calls contact us at The Center; infojaxlgbtq@gmail.com or call 814-553-5744

Onslow County LGBTQ+

Community Center

P.O. Box 755 Jacksonville, NC 28540