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Become a Volunteer

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Thank you for taking the first step toward becoming a volunteer at The Center! We rely on volunteers to help us achieve our mission – we couldn’t do it without you! Due to the sensitive nature of our programs and services, there is a process to apply and be accepted as a Center volunteer. The process takes on average 2-4 weeks. 

Our current Volunteer Application process requires that volunteers:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Complete an On-line Volunteer Application

  • Schedule a Get To Know You Session

  • Attend a 2-Hour Volunteer Orientation 

  • Complete (fingerprinting) and clearance of Megan’s Law (when applying to work youth programs)

School Community Service: Those individuals seeking school credit for their class and only need between 8-12 hours of community service should set up an appointment with our Volunteer Services Manager at   to explore opportunities that offer an opportunity to expedite completion of your school community service.. 

Instructions for Logging Hours

Thank you for logging in your Volunteer Hours. The Center cannot provide many programs, services and events that is produces without the vital assistance of our volunteers. Many of our programs are grant-funded with requirements to report the number of volunteers and volunteer service hours each month.

Application Process

Join Us – Volunteer Today!
Do you want to make a real difference in your community? Volunteer at The Center! There are many ways to get involved.

Getting started is simple:

  • Fill out the Volunteer Application Form

  • Attend a volunteer orientation. Orientations are held once every month.  The volunteer coordinator will contact you within three working days of receiving your application with details on the next available orientation.

  • After attending orientation and completing the background check, individuals are welcomed as new Center volunteers and can begin getting involved!

The Onslow County LGBTQ+ Community Center is committed to providing the highest quality service to our community and constituents. While The Center respects the right to privacy of all citizens, we also have a responsibility to make every attempt to provide the safest space possible for our youth, families, children, seniors, disabled and other more vulnerable members of our community. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us create a safe and comfortable space for all.

AIDS Walk, held annually, is the largest one-day HIV/AIDS fundraiser. AIDS Walk takes place on the last Sunday of September. Volunteers are needed from June to October every year to prepare for the Walk, helping with administrative tasks and outreach campaigns.

Dining Out for Life®

How often does volunteering involve dining out? Don’t miss The Center’s annual Dining Out for Life®! takes place on the 4th Thursday of August, when restaurants, bars, coffee houses and nightclubs will donate a minimum of 15% of sales to The Center’s programs. Like every fundraising event, this one is reliant upon an enormous number of volunteers. The most important of these volunteers are our restaurant Ambassadors. Ambassadors are assigned a shift at a breakfast, lunch or dinner location and then invite everyone they know to dine at their location. Dine Out!

Administrative Support/Data Entry
Most departments utilize volunteers to assist with administrator support, data entry, phone banks, copying, mailing preparation and filing. This is a great way for volunteers to help out The Center and make new friends.

Civic Engagement/ Public Policy
Volunteers who are interested in community outreach and working on projects involving public policy and civic engagement are always needed. Civic engagement volunteers help represent The Center in the community and work on projects such and educational efforts.

Event Volunteers
The Center often holds special community and fundraising events that require additional volunteer assistance. Volunteers who might wish to participate in events would enjoy this volunteer opportunity. Volunteers help by providing staffing and planning for the events.

Food Banks
The Center will be hosting a distribution site once month for the Community Outreach Food Bank.  On the first Tuesday morning of every month, volunteers gather to unload, organize, and distribute emergency food to members of our community.

Volunteers contribute to the dynamic team in our development department, assisting with our special events, fundraising efforts, phone banks, and sponsor/donor appreciation.

Youth Center
Volunteers make the work of the youth center possible! Volunteer are needed to help as mentors, group facilitators, tutors, activity leaders, outreach volunteers, and special event assistance for events such as the Rainbow Prom. If you have experience working with youth and want to make a big impact for the youth in our community, consider volunteering..

Senior Services
The mission of the Senior Services Program is to provide the LGBT senior community access to important resources and referrals regarding health care, social services and community activities. Volunteers are needed for administrative tasks, event set-up and break-down and group facilitation.

Peer Led Discussion Group Facilitators
Volunteer facilitators help structure and facilitate the weekly and monthly discussion groups and attend quarterly group facilitator meetings. Experience with group facilitation or peer counseling is helpful, but not required.

Transgender Services
Volunteers with (Transgender Referrals, Assistance, Networking and Services) help provide a transgender-inclusive and supportive environment by facilitating transgender-specific group discussions, special events and community outreach.

Special Events Volunteers
The Center often holds special community and fundraising events that require additional volunteer assistance. Volunteers who might wish to participate in events Volunteers help by providing staffing and planning for the events.

Volunteer Resources
This program is responsible for recruiting, orienting, training, placing and managing all volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help in the office, preparing for the volunteer orientations, doing data entry, mailing and filing. Volunteers are also always needed to represent The Center at community outreach and recruitment events.

Become a Volunteer: Get Involved
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