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Mission - The Onslow County LGBTQ+ Community Center is dedicated to enhancing and sustaining the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals, our families and allies, by providing educational, social, and health related activities, programs and services.

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These are values that the Onslow County LGBTQ+ Community Center, made up of community members, families and allies agreed should drive our collective work.


Equitable - We believe that all people in Onslow County deserve opportunities to thrive.


Strength - Based We build upon the inherent strengths of the individuals, families, & communities we serve.


Collaborative - We develop ideas & come to decisions together.


LGBTQ+ Community Led - Our community members, their families and our allies know what they need & guide what to build, for whom, why & when.


Data Driven - We make decisions & improve our program based on evidence & data

Our Team

Board of Directors

  Samuel Johnson, Christina Alicea-Richard, Ashley Wallace. Lillith Campos, Jazmine Addams, Autumm Bishop, Erin Kalk,

Katy Hansen, Kristen Leverentz, Shelia Garcia Halloway, Melvin Kenyatta Euring

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